Employee Onboarding

Delight worksite employees with easy-to-use online self-service tools!!!

Streamline employee onboarding and benefit enrollment processes
with automatic socialization functionality and customized workflow support.

Automates all necessary forms and actions.

All necessary and criteria-triggered forms and actions are pre-loaded to eliminate errors. Our solution includes Government forms (19, W4, State and Local Withholding), eligible benefits and custom forms, client-specific documents and direct deposit.

Offers a flexible, customizable interface.

Our fully customizable template offers the ability to embed pictures, files, videos and anything else you can link in HTML. It accommodates multiple onboarding processes with varying workflows and the distribution of new employee orientation packs specific to job level and department of division.

Enable easy and complete compliance.

All required employment forms for every location you do business in are integrated into the solution, helping you easily manage company specific documents and collect and track all new hire data to easily produce compliance reports.

Seamless integrates with our Employee Benefits Enrollment solution.

Broaden your solution to include benefits enrollment processes so employees can easily access benefit plans and programs to process their annual open enrollment and changes to personal and dependent data as benefit-related life events occur.


The AdminHR Employee Onboarding solution is a powerful online self-service application that eliminates paper, cycle time and data-entry errors associated with what are typically manual processed. New hires can get instant access to onboarding processes so they can learn their jobs faster and become engaged sooner. The solution provides a seamless experience, extracting data from your existing human resources and financial applications.

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