Human Resources Compliance

Human resource management is an integral part of our professional employment solution. The decisions you make regarding your employees are directed by a maze of legal and regulatory laws and guidelines. Our compliance department AdminHR offers experienced human resources professionals who can cut through the clutter and provide answers to questions such as:

How do I handle leaves of absence, including FMLA?
When am I required to notify and employee of his COBRA rights?
What are my responsibilities regarding immigration status?
How do I properly hire and fire employees?

When you become an AdminHR partner, we will provide you with our AdminGuide for easy access to human resources and compliance information. This handy reference augments our human resources support available on the following:

Family & Medial Leave Act (FMLA).
Sexual harassment and employee harassment.
Immigration Reform and Control Act.
Wage and Hour Law (FLSA).
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
Benefit Discrimination.
State Unemployment Claims Management.
New Hire Reporting.
Hiring and Firing consulting and documentation.
Employee performance and problem solving.
Policy and Procedure consulting.
Employee Documentation .
Employee file organization .
Background Checks (available on request—fee for service).

Shifting the burdens of daily paperwork, administration and management to our AdminHR Department will give you more time to focus on core business and people-related issues.

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