Payroll Services


Effective and efficient payroll processing can be a full time job. Our AdminHR Department delivers accurate and dependable payroll services using advanced technology solutions and expert payroll professionals.

Where will you see the benefit?

Payroll Reporting Options

Timesheets reports are required to accurately process paychecks. Our reporting options allow you to choose a method that best fits your schedule and capabilities.

Fax timesheets to AdminHR.
Email timesheets to AdminHR.
Enter payroll Online.

Payroll Reports

Effective business management requires the ability to review payroll information from a variety of reporting levels. AdminHR has the technology and experience to provide most any reporting solution.

Payroll register including year-to-date activity for all employees.
Management reports—departmental, job costing, labor distribution, etc.
Employee deduction recap.
Special reports available.
Payroll invoice.
Calculating Full Time Equivalents (ACA).

Payroll Deductions

Improved human resources management includes increased options for payroll deductions. With AdminHR, you can offer additional service to your employees while simultaneously complying with state and federal law. AdminHR will deduct and remit a variety of employment-related expenses on your behalf and provide year-to-date totals for all deductions.

Payroll Taxes

Withholding, remitting and reporting payroll taxes are a tremendous responsibility for employers. However, the administration and stress of accurately assessing employee taxes is avoidable., AdminHR assumes the employer responsibility.

Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)

AdminHR improves payroll efficiency through the use of the ACH/electronic payment system offering direct deposit for employees and direct debit for eligible clients.


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