Magellan Rx: Our Trusted PBM Partners

Magellan Rx understands the unique needs of self-funded clients and their priorities in offering quality, affordable pharmaceutical care. Magellan Rx believes in partnering with our clients and aligning our goals to create the most effective plans for their membership. This process enables us to deliver the best overall value to self-funded clients, from small businesses to large corporations.

Unbeatable Advantages

As an independent prescription benefits manager, Magellan Rx makes it easy for self-funded clients to make quality-based decisions that lead to more efficient cost control, improved outcomes and increased member satisfaction. Magellan Rx offers a powerful alternative that provides significant advantages over other PBMs, bringing you insight, integrity and the best information, resources and services possible.

Consultative Partnership

Recognizing that healthy, productive members are a key part of your business, our goal is to help you stay one step ahead of the trends. Magellan Rx maintains a high level of personal involvement in overseeing your benefit design, including timely performance reviews and complete analysis support by a team of experienced professionals and clinical experts. Through proactive consultation and planning, Magellan Rx provides the information you need to make an informed decision and provide a competitive benefits package.

Open Book Philosophy

Since Partners Rx inception, their open book philosophy and full disclosure of costs and revenues has enabled them to build and preserve mutually beneficial relationships. Our clients are given ultimate decision-making control over benefit design and formulary management, helping ensure the lowest total cost and increased control.

Flexible Benefit Design and Online Access

Each client has unique prescription drug benefit goals and requirements. As a result, Magellan Rx systems are designed to accommodate an unlimited number of plan designs and reporting requirements. For greater administrative ease, Magellan Rx also offer online account services that provide convenient and direct access to your eligibility and claims information as well as reporting system. Whether you need to update eligibility files or run a specific report, you’ll be able to monitor your benefits more efficiently.

Innovative Reporting Tools and Capabilities

Magellan Rx state-of-the art, online reporting tool, PRAXIS, provides clients fast and easy access to the date and reports needed to effectively monitor and track plan performances. This dynamic interface includes countless standard and custom report options that can identify trends at the plan, pharmacy, provider and member level, allowing for an in-depth look at a plan.

Effective Clinical Management

The delivery of high-quality, affordable care begins with appropriate utilization of drug therapies. Magellan Rx’s extensive clinical offering is designed to support the lowest total cost approach while enhancing physician/member relationships, increasing member understanding of their condition(s) and drug choices, and helping physicians adhere to the latest protocols. We also work with all of our clients to develop customized programs and solutions that fit each unique client’s needs and member population.

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Only Magellan Rx has the insight and integrity to bring you the best information, resources, programs and services possible – all at the lowest total cost to you and all without sacrificing member care. In an environment where cost containment and quality care are constantly challenged, Magellan Rx is the smart solution.

Drug Safety Initiatives

At Magellan Rx we understand that our role as a pharmacy benefits manager is vital in helping to promote the safe, appropriate and cost-effective use of medications. As part of our commitment to our health care partners, we routinely promote safe and effective drug therapy through targeted outreaches. Each of our ongoing outreach programs provides education and information to medical prescribers to assist with patient medication choices and care management.

Program Overviews:

Geriatric Rx Monitor Program:

Reduces the use of potentially inappropriate medications in elderly patients aged 65 years and older through targeted prescriber notifications that are based on current national quality standards

Misuse and Abuse Monitoring Program

Minimizes unsafe narcotic use through the targeting and notification of prescribers whose members are receiving and filling narcotic prescriptions from multiple prescribers and pharmacies or are taking a combination of narcotics that may not be safe

Polypharmacy: Drug Interactions and/or Therapy Duplication:

Reduces the incidence of clinically significant drug-drug interactions or therapy duplications by targeting and notifying prescribers whose members have a polypharmacy issue (e.g., inappropriate “duplicate” therapies, drug-disease interactions)

Drug Interaction Alert Program:

Reduces the incidence of clinically significant drug-drug interactions through daily targeted prescriber notifications

These programs are provided to you as part of our ongoing clinical services and support. For more information about Magellan Rx programs and services, contact your Magellan Rx Account Manager, or visit our website at