Second Opinions

1 in 3 people will receive a life-changing medical diagnosis.
Will you know what to do next?

33% of cases are misdiagnosed

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Treatment Decision Support

Pinnacle Care was founded on the idea that a person’s location should not limit the quality of their care. As a result, our mission is to bring together the best medical minds in the world to get you the right diagnosis and the right treatment. We are proud to offer a variety of services which focus on getting you the very best care and the right care.

Misdiagnosis can result in delayed treatment or patients receiving the wrong disgnosis or treatment, which can cause serious harm, disability and even death – 30% of annual health care spending in the US, is wasted on unnecessary services and other inefficiencies.

Another aspect of medical errors is inappropriate treatment, which can take several forms. Patients may receive treatment that does not meet the appropriate standards of care or is not supported by clinical evidence.

Studies show, outcomes of patient-initiated second opinions found that almost 62% of opinions yielded a major change in diagnosis, treatment or prognosis.

With the high human and financial cost of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment, patients need effective strategies to help manage and mitigate these risks. One strategy is to seek a second opinion when facing a serious diagnosis or recommended surgery. Second opinion services can provide patients with access to experienced specialists to review their case and confirm or refute the diagnosis.

Find the Best Doctor

The Pinnacle Care network includes over 50,000 of the world’s top medical experts. Each has been designated as among the best by other doctors through an exclusive certified process. If you need to visit a specialist, we will search to see if any of our doctors meet your criteria and practice within a distance that works for you.

Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US


36% change in diagnosis
69% change in treatment
$16-48K average savings


11% change in diagnosis
50% change in treatment
$12-32K average savings

Heart Disease

27% change in diagnosis
61% change in treatment
$18-40K average savings

30% of common surgeries are not necessary